Rental of industrial premises

The industrial park in the suburbs with perfect accessibility is the best location for industrial production. This is due to the proximity, the spacious territory and the competitive price in comparison with other objects close to the city.

  • Convenient entrances for loading and unloading of materials, finished goods or raw material.
  • The possibility of using automobile and rail transport.
  • The existence of lighting relevant to the requirements of existing standards.
  • Centralized water supply and sewerage.
  • Spacious and comfortable storage spaces.
  • The existence of cranes for moving cargo within the hangar.

As additional advantages, it is worth noticing the quality of service and well established coordination of the personnel, who provide the interaction between the residents of the industrial park and partners and enterprises located in the neighborhood.

Tax benefits

In accordance with the current legislation, residents of industrial parks located within Moscow suburbs, have legal right to receive the following tax benefits:

  • The corporate tax rate for registered enterprises within one of the official industrial parks was approved by the government and reduced from 20% to 15.5%;
  • In accordance with the regional government resolution, the resident companies are exempt from payment property tax for 4 years from the moment of registration in the park.

In addition to the tax exemptions, the residents of "KlinAutoTrans" are entitled to receive following benefits:

  • Reimbursing expenditure on leasing equipment is up to 30 % of the cost.
  • Subsidies partially reimbursing costs for interest repayments.
  • Customs duties and payments are reduced.
  • Exemption from payment taxes accrued by the municipality.