Security posts and 24 hour video surveillance

Comfort and safety are the main principles of work in KlinAvtoTrans. That is why video surveillance system was organized, as well as intellectual access managing system.

Footage from cameras located around the perimeter of the industrial park is carried out on protected video servers. Renters have the opportunity at any time to contact the security department in order to obtain video data of transferring the object around the territory that is of interest for them.

Image quality allows not only to determine an object in the frame, but also to obtain information about its characteristics.

The location of the cameras was selected according to the maximum angle of view, minimizing the "blind" zones. A 24-hour video surveillance system ensures the safety of companies on rented premises.

KlinAvtoTrans successfully solves the problem of protection against unauthorized actions not only in relation to employees of enterprises, but also in relation to maximum safety of material assets.

Access to the territory of the industrial park is organized only through technically equipped checkpoints. There are four such checkpoints. The entire perimeter of KlinAvtoTrans is protected from external influence by a high fence along which CCTV cameras are installed.

Access at checkpoints is organized with the maximum level of security. Access to the territory of the industrial park is possible only for employees of companies around the industrial park or for people with access cards. The same control applies to vehicles. Driving by car is possible only if you have an access card.

The KlinAvtoTras complex was created for successful entrepreneurs who are thinking about the future. Comfortable warehouses, offices and industrial premises are offered for renters. In addition to rental of sites, the company solves the security problems of its customers.