Park infrastructure

Security, boiler Room, Service center,
Parking and railway line

"KlinAutoTrans" is the complex with high level of work organization and security. In addition to the industrial premises, warehouses and administrative facilities intended for the use of lessees, the distinctive features of our industrial park are:

  • Fully fenced and protected area with entrance through the CPC.
  • Four checkpoints that provide safe entry and transportation.
  • Equipped and marked parking lots for staff of the complex and employees. Separate guest parking lots for customers and visitors.
  • Guard stations, that provide 24-hours surveillance and are responsible for safety.
  • Service centers, services of which are available for all residents of the park.
  • A railway line on the territory of the complex with special areas for loading and unloading of equipment.
  • Self-contained boiler houses, providing the required amount of heat for comfortable working conditions.
  • A wide range of equipment for solving various production tasks.

Special attention is given to self-contained boiler houses, which always maintain the temperature regime in the premises. This is of special value for warehouses that are adapted for storage of temperature-sensitive. Heating of industrial premises and offices maintains coherent work and prevents damages for delivery delay and breach of contract.