Railway line on the territory of the complex

In the industrial park there is a railway line, which provides excellent cargo traffic and great logistics opportunities.

The use of rail for logistic purposes is justified in terms of safety. Emergency situations are extremely rare with trains, so your cargo will always be in safety. Transfering cargo using the railway, as a rule, is much faster in comparison with road transport.

Due to the railway connection, you can receive goods in virtually unlimited amounts. The weight capacity of this type of transport allows you to transport hundreds of tons at any distance. The opportunity of using a railway line expands the logistics capabilities of our warehouses.

The line lies in the immediate vicinity of the leased warehouses. It is very convenient, as it allows loading and offloading in record time. Railway transport is one of the most cost-effective transportation methods in terms of weight of goods and the price of transportation.

The professional staff of the railway line is well prepared to ensure its uninterrupted work. Work is carried out quickly, accurately and in accordance with all safety standards. Nothing will interfere with the quick loading and offloading, whenever the need arises.