The territory of industrial park

Nowadays industrial parks are gaining popularity in Russia. Factories, plants, separate shops, warehouse complexes can be placed here. The industrial park is a unique manufacturing cluster with developed infrastructure, equipped with necessary engineering communication.

  • Total area - 70 ha
  • Fenced area - 20 ha
  • Warehouses - 65.2 thousand sq. M.
  • Hangars - 3415 sq. m.
  • Within 95 km of Moscow
  • Within 78 km of the international airport

Industrial parks can significantly simplify the negotiation process, facilitate the access of industrialists to sites, facilitate planning and speed up the process of setting up enterprises. The territory of the industrial park is heavily guarded. Total security of the park’s employees, renters, preservation of property and other inventory items is ensured. Departure of all types of transport is carried out only through checkpoints. There are 4 checkpoints on the territory of the park, which helps to avoid traffic jams. The industrial park is being surveilled 24-7.

KlinAvtoTrans Industrial Park consists of:

  • Individual warehouse terminals of class A.
  • Own autonomous boiler room maintains comfortable temperature in the premises, necessary for storing raw materials and goods, production of finished products.
  • 24-hour video surveillance and security posts provide reliable protection for park employees and renters, the safety of premises and inventory items.
  • Convenient transport links.
  • The complex is equipped with modern facilities and convenient loading and offloading areas.
  • Transport service center is ready to fix vehicles of all residents.
  • Renters are provided with a wide range of high-quality equipment for solving business problems.