Transport service center

The list of available service measures includes all operations for the diagnosis and troubleshooting of vehicles, as well as putting in order the equipment itself.

An important advantage of renting storage facilities on the territory of the industrial park of KlinAvtoTrans is the availability of a service center for technical maintenance of vehicles. The service is located directly on the territory of the complex; each resident company of our park has access to it.

Our own fully-functional transport service center is focused on services for owners and renters of trucks of various tonnages, as well as loading and offloading equipment. In addition, the center provides separate areas for the repair and maintenance of cars.

  • Stands for computer diagnostics of engines, braking systems, suspension and fuel systems.
  • Post for diagnostic testing and fixing the electric.
  • Equipment for inspection of the state of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Equipment for tire changes of passenger cars and trucks.
  • Stands for inspection and scheduled maintenance of vehicles.
  • Welding equipment for manual argon-arc and semi-automatic welding.
  • Spray booth for manual and automatic staining.
  • A terminal for car washing.

Contacting the professional service center guarantees high quality of service and achievement of the desired result. The appropriateness of trucks is the basis for a successful business and the guarantee for timely delivery of products. Therefore, it is important to constantly monitor the state of the transport fleet that are at your disposal.

Keeping your own staff of mechanics and maintenance personnel is impractical, since only a large enterprise is able to provide them with full employment. It is much more profitable to contact the service center, which is located on the territory of the industrial park, because the staff is always ready to help you, regardless of complexity of the problem.

  • Technical equipment consists of modern high-tech equipment, special stands and tools for prevention, diagnostics and repair.
  • Permanent staff includes qualified personnel with experience in the field.
  • Minimum cost, including special prices and conditions for residents of the industrial park.
  • Prime location allows inspection and repair of equipment on a regular basis, up to a daily inspection before departure.
  • Reporting documentation - if necessary, service employees can be entrusted with full responsibility for the technical condition of the vehicle with periodic reports on the work performed and the results achieved.
  • Quality assurance - all services are provided on the basis of a formal contract that provides warranty.